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Many ask, "How can I help?" "How can I shoulder the burden of the ministry in Honduras?"  One vital way is the "Sponsor a Child" Program.  The program is uniquely designed to give an opportunity to be a provider as well as a spiritual influence for a specific Honduran child. The estimated costs of the education, lodging and food for most of the kids at the orphanage is around $40 a month. Some support at that amount some support $20 a month and varying amounts to help provide for the child's daily needs. With the financial aid of a child, you will receive a picture along with notes and other things from your child there in Honduras about every 3 months. Families are encouraged not only to sponsor a child but also pray for them daily that they grow up to live for the Lord there in Honduras.

Steps in the Sponsoring Process:

  1. Contact Ronnie Doss via phone:      Personal Cell: (504) 98175477      USA PHONE: (334) 687-9361
  2. Central American Missions will get your address
  3. Information about your child will be sent to you
  4. Recommended that finances go through your local church then to Central American Missions
  5. Correspondence will then be relayed to the Central American Missions to the child and vice versa.

All other questions can be directed to Gloryland Baptist Church of Birmingham, AL 

Phone Number: (205) 791-0312